The firm…

Andenæs Aaløkken Veum Advokatfirma DA was established by Ellen Holager Andenæs, Vegard Aaløkken and Johnny Veum. Helene Elness became a partner January 2015 and Marijana Lozic, September 1. 2016. The firm comprises qualified, experienced and committed people. Our core area is to defend individuals accused in criminal cases before the courts. We undertake all types of defence assignments.

All cases are thoroughly prepared so that the courts are provided with a good basis for making the right decisions. We frequently put together defence teams that are able to initiate their own enquiries or conduct investigations. Before and during the court case we provide our clients with advice and guidance on what will happen and on how one ought to behave, so that the individual feels safe and secure during the process.

The firm also handles civil cases, particularly within the specialist areas of tort law, labour and employment law, family, inheritance and probate law as well as child welfare law. The firm also provides counsel for the victim.

We offer certain services specially designed for business. Through lengthy practice we have developed experience and expertise in crisis management for individuals or business enterprises. We can provide legal support in acute situations by providing advice, dealing with the press, offering guidance and acting. In addition we can function as an external whistleblowing ombudsman for companies.

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